Michael Hickman is the author of three books for children and four instructional salsa dancing books.  He lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia and is currently reading The Magic Lamp: Goal Setting for People Who Hate Setting Goals by Keith Ellis.

"Reading is such a personal past time. I read for fun, facts, and for work purposes. That fun includes reading biographies, children’s stories, and stories for teens, and from time I will read popular fiction. Also, some of my reading involves non-fiction books about managing, marketing and books by Malcolm Gladwell. Although I do not belong to a book club, it’s on the horizon.  Books clubs and reading programs provide motivation to write.   I began writing for more than one reason. Here are a few: 

  • I like it

  • There is personal satisfaction for adding to the number of books published yearly   

  • My writing is an attempt to give birth to ideas and stories

  • I want to produce a book that can be enjoyed 

After years of playing basketball, I learned how to salsa dance.  I had no idea that learning to dance was in the plans for me.  I started dancing in a studio. That moved to taking lessons at a salsa club. Throw in watching salsa dance tapes, listening to salsa music, watching salsa movies, and meeting people with the “salsa fever,” I began guiding people on what I knew about salsa dancing. That last item led to my book for children titled, Me, Salsa Dance. 

Following the Me Salsa Dance book were four salsa ebooks and the publishing of Salsa ABC's books for men and one for women.  The Salsa ABC's books are in the Spanish language, too. The book will lead you to another level of comfort on the salsa dance floor. Buy one today.   

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Read Up America promotes reading through the publishing of it's "Me" - themed books.  The books aim to help generate conversations based

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